Single Origin- Coffee From a single geographic region.

Blend- Coffee from more than one location, blended together to create harmonious flavors.

Washed refers to how the beans are processed after harvest. The fruit, called a cherry, is completely removed from the bean prior to drying. This produces a cleaner looking and tasting bean.

Dark Roast Coffee- Many dark roast coffees are a deep chocolate shade with anoily surface, this is actually a mark of over roasting. The charred flavor can masklesser quality beans. A well done dark roast brings out the deep flavors of the darkroast and still allows the original notes to shine through.

Light Roast Coffee- The most acidic of the roasts, light roast coffee has a bright flavor. Light roast coffee retains much if the original character of the beans.

Medium Roasts- A balance of body and acidity. The roasting level brings depth of flavor while highlight the original notes.

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